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How to fall -- and survive

Much of our work is about injuries caused by falls -- in all kinds of circumstances. We seek compensation for people falling from trucks, ladders, rooftops, power poles, billboards, scaffolds, bridges – even stepstools.

A question we are asked sometimes is: How far can you fall and survive?

5 tips to defuse road rage before someone gets hurt

Avoid roadside violence and serious crashes by keeping your cool.

As New Yorkers, we know that getting around the city takes a certain level of boldness and assertiveness. We’re no strangers to the chorus of honking cars and shouting motorists ringing down busy streets. Road rage is a part of life for many drivers.

NYC surveyor killed in scaffolding fall

Fatality shines light on scaffold safety

Yet another construction-related fatality struck New York this month, adding momentum to a troubling surge of worker deaths in the past several years. According to the New York Daily News, a 62-year-old surveyor died after a long fall on a work site near the Hudson Yards on Monday, June 5.

Unusual car accidents

We thought we'd take a break from our usual topics to bring you news about some unusual car accidents that may have escaped making your local news. We don't report them here to make fun or sport of the accidents, as some of them resulted in serious injuries. We are discussing them as a way of highlighting the fact that a motor vehicle accident can happen in the most uncommon ways, and at the most unexpected times.

As the weather warms, traffic accidents increase

Whatever our political views may be about the causes, long-term weather data indicates that our winters in New York are getting warmer and our summers hotter. Statistically, traffic accidents increase as the temperatures go up. This post will look at some possible reasons. 

The first study of its kind

IME basics: What is an independent medical examination?

What's the purpose of an independent medical exam?

The goal of an independent medical examination, or IME, is to have the patient examined by a doctor who has not previously been involved in their treatment. This supposedly allows the doctor to be impartial while conducting the exam. The physician then reports their findings to the insurance carrier, which uses the information to determine whether to pay out a claim.

What's the deadliest industry in America?

A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks down workplace injury and fatality data from 2015 by industry and occupation. The annual Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries identified one industry that saw many more workplace deaths than any other.

Which industry holds the dubious distinction of being the deadliest? We'll give you a hint: It's not manufacturing, deep sea fishing or even construction. Read on to learn more.

Is your work schedule increasing your risk of a car accident?

A recent Harvard study draws an alarming connection between working the night shift and being in a car accident.

Many of us have gotten behind the wheel without adequate rest, whether we are heading to work after a poor night of sleep or driving home late at night. But a new study by Harvard researchers may give you reason to rethink your sleep and driving habits.

A recent study by the university's Division of Sleep Medicine examined the effects of working the night shift on drivers' focus and ability. According to Journalist's Resource, clocking in for the graveyard shift can lead to dangerous driving behaviors that significantly increase the likelihood of a crash. Read on to learn more.

When nurses become patients

What nurses need to know about muscoloskeletal disorders

Nurses are some of the hardest working, most underappreciated employees. Their work is not only grueling -- it is often dangerous. There are many risks that nurses contend with on a daily basis, including exposure to diseases and interaction with unpredictable patients.

One of the greatest risks nurses face is musocoskeletal disorders, or MSDs. MSDs are injuries or disorders that affect the muscoloskeletal system, which includes the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves and other body parts associated with movement. Read on to learn more about these disorders and how nurses can protect themselves. 

Industry groups identify construction's most vulnerable demographic

Construction work is known to be highly dangerous, often requiring specific skills and protocols that put a premium on labor. With the cost of labor a significant consideration for developers and contractors here in New York City, some employers take advantage of cheaper labor by hiring unlicensed or under-trained workers.

According to EHS Today, a resource for workplace safety professionals, the tendency to cut corners on worker safety has real - and dangerous - implications. A recent report found that young Hispanic construction workers are the most vulnerable workers in the United States. Construction workers within this demographic have the highest fatality rates in the country.

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