New York City’s streets safer for pedestrians in 2014

New York City saw a significant drop in the number of pedestrian fatalities in 2014.

Recent data revealed that efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio to improve safety on New York City's streets have been successful for pedestrians.

Last year, 132 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in New York City, according to The New York Times. Not only did pedestrian fatalities drop from the year prior - in 2013, 180 pedestrians were killed - but they were the lowest the city has seen since 1910, when pedestrian fatality records were first reliably reported.

The drop is being attributed, in large part, to the Vision Zero plan adopted throughout the city. The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate traffic fatalities entirely by 2024.

A number of measures were introduced in an effort to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities in New York City. For instance, the default speed limit was lowered across the city from 30 mph to 25 mph. In addition, law enforcement officers issued a large number of summonses for speeding last year - up 42 percent from the year prior. In all, over 117,000 motorists in New York City received summonses for speeding violations in 2014. The number of summonses for failure to yield to a pedestrian also increased substantially in 2014 - up 126 percent from 2013.

Take precautions to avoid a pedestrian accident in NYC

Motorists in New York City should pay particular attention to so-called vulnerable road users, including both pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition, pedestrians can take action to improve their visibility on the road and increase their chances of having a safe journey.

For instance, pedestrians should always use designated crosswalks when crossing the street. Of course, it is always a good idea to use sidewalks when traveling by foot. When sidewalks are not present, however, pedestrians should walk toward oncoming traffic. Also, pedestrians traveling at night should consider wearing clothing with reflective panels, to help ensure motorists are able to see them.

Talk to an attorney after a pedestrian accident

When a negligent motorist hits a pedestrian, the injuries suffered by the party on foot are often quite severe. The expenses, including medical bills and lost wages, following such a crash can be devastating for any family.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a pedestrian accident in New York City, you need to ensure you have strong legal counsel. You should consider talking to a skilled personal injury attorney to make certain your rights are safeguarded.

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