Tragic crane accident in New York leads to death of worker

A tragic crane accident provides an example of the dangers of construction work.

A tragic crane accident in New York City led to the death of a construction worker. The accident occurred when the man was checking a mechanical malfunction on a crane used to lift materials to the second and third floors of a building project. While inspecting the issue, the boom of the crane collapsed. The man was lodged between the boom and the flatbed of his truck. The injuries were severe and the worker died on site.

Unfortunately, similar accidents are not uncommon. Operation of heavy machinery like cranes can be extremely dangerous.

Crane use in New York

Federal, state and even local regulations are in place in an attempt to reduce the risk of injuries associated with the use of cranes. New York City's Buildings Department has a Cranes and Derricks Unit that oversees the design and safe use of this type of equipment in the city. In addition to various safety requirements, in certain situations, department-approved training courses and a special license to operate the crane are also required.

If a violation of a federal, state or local regulation contributes to the injury or death of a worker or passerby, the victim is likely eligible to receive compensation. Depending on the details, the violation could provide additional evidence of the employer's negligence. If established, a negligent employer is generally liable for the costs associated with the injuries, including medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitative expenses.

Remedies available to victims of crane accidents in New York

Each case is unique. Whether compensation is available through a workers' compensation or personal injury case or a combination of both will depend on the specifics of the accident. It is important to note that although recovery by an injured worker is often affected by workers' compensation laws; additional compensation may also be available if other parties are liable for the accident. This could occur in accidents that involved the use of machinery. If there was a defect, it is possible that the manufacturer of the equipment is also liable.

Navigating a construction accident case can be complex, as it potentially involves legal issues in both personal injury and workers' compensation law. As a result, those who are the victims of these accidents are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced New York construction accident attorney. This legal professional will review your case and advocate for your rights, working to better ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

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