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Historic Scaffold Law that protects NY workers is facing reform

Falls continue to be the number one cause of injuries and fatalities for New York construction workers. Construction is by nature a hazardous line of work. Workers are exposed to various safety threats, however working from heights continues to result in more deaths and injuries than anything else in the trade.

In 1885 New York Legislature enacted provisions to protect employees who worked at heights, creating what would be the basis of the Scaffold Safety Law. The law is facing reform by opponents who claim the law increases construction costs and shifts liability to employers.

Construction fatalities still rising in New York

NYCOSH report has mixed news for New York City and the rest of the state

In the city that never sleeps, even the skyline can change in a New York minute. The city’s construction boom continues to change the face of the city, but it can have dangerous implications for workers.

8-year-old girl injured at NYC construction site

An eight-year-old girl sustained a head injury Friday morning in a construction accident at her family’s apartment building. As her family left their apartment building that morning, a large piece of plywood fell from the fourth-floor fire escape and landed on her head, causing a large gash and a concussion.

The girl’s father had requested that workers pause their work while the family left the building, according to NBC New York. Had the workers respected his request, the family may have made it to their destination, a nearby park. nstead, they ended up in the hospital.

CDC announces national campaign construction fall prevention

Construction in the Big Apple is endlessly apparent as tower cranes are visible amongst skyscrapers and pedestrians dart under scaffolding. The ongoing building boom since 2012 has lead to more construction jobs. The growth and development means more jobs for construction workers but unfortunately construction injuries and deaths have risen as well.


How to help your child be a better driver

As a parent, one of the most challenging moments is letting your teen be out driving on their own. Away from your expert guidance, they are free to make their own choices—both good and not-so-good. Some of the most critical choices your child can make involve driving. Talking to your teen about these choices will help your child be a better—and safer—driver.

Texting and driving

Staying safe on the construction site this winter

Construction is tough, dangerous work - even when the weather is cooperating. It becomes all the more hazardous during a harsh winter like this one. Extreme temperatures, bitter winds and fewer daylight hours make for treacherous working conditions.

For construction workers who already face numerous perils on the job, it's all the more important to make safety a priority during the chilly season ahead.

Falling Objects A Major Concern For Construction Workers

Construction jobs are among the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. These workers face many dangers as they perform their many job duties.

One of the biggest threats to construction workers is the possibility of being struck on the head or elsewhere by a falling object.

New York considers additional pedestrian safety measures

In wake of the Halloween vehicle attack in Lower Manhattan, city officials may step up pedestrian protection.

On October 31, New York City was shaken by a vehicle attack in Lower Manhattan. After the death of eight people on a bike path, city officials are looking for ways to protect vulnerable pedestrians from rogue vehicles.

Walking in a Winter Warzone, part 2

In part one of our series on holiday safety, we focused on how to stay safe while holiday shopping. However, many dangerous situations this time of year occur on the road. With millions of Americans visiting their families or escaping to warmer climates, the roads are packed. Combined with unpredictable winter weather, holiday traffic can be dangerous.

Read on for advice navigating holiday traffic so you can make it over the river and through the woods safely.

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