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Tips for navigating your car through a snowstorm

Winter has hit the New York area again. Many of us were blindsided by the sudden shift during the onset of the recent storm. Thousands found themselves stranded at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and more still found themselves stranded in their own vehicles in gridlocked traffic.

As was reported by ABC7, citizens and official alike were outraged at the city’s lack of a response to the storm. Downed trees, roads being closed for snowplows and, most importantly, auto accidents choked the city streets for hours. While officials declared that they would improve future responses, it is important to remember that this is the first storm of many to come this season.

How common are falls in the workplace?

New York city is filled with a wide array of jobs and work environments. Whether a person works in an office, at a factory or in construction, there are a variety of risks that workers face on a daily basis. In some cases, these risks are more apparent and much more serious; however, a serious work injury could happen in any setting and in any industry.

How common are falls in the workplace? Fall hazards are found in most work setting, meaning a fall at work could happen in a variety of settings and when a worker is carrying out a wide range of activities. Whether one is simply walking, climbing a ladder or working at great heights, a serious fall accident could occur.

5 tips to prevent a fall from scaffolding

Cold weather is here, and icy conditions won't be far behind. If you work in New York construction, you may find yourself exposed in the wind and rain on a scaffold before long. Unfortunately, falls still cause the most deaths in construction each year. There are steps you can take, however, to make sure you get back to the ground safely:

Workplace injuries in a small business setting

In New York and elsewhere, residents wake up on a weekly basis, heading to work. Whether one works par-time, full-time or overtime, a worker in any type of industry could face risks and dangers in the work environment. Just as a person working at a construction site at great heights faces workplace dangers, a person working in an office setting is also prone to encounter risks in the workplace.

Despite the fact that certain industries are more likely to cause employees harms in a workplace accident, the reality is that a worker could be injured in any setting. Take for example a small business. Both injuries and illnesses are possible in these settings, and it is important to be aware of the four most common types of workplace injuries that could befall a worker at a small business.

Young girl crossing the street struck by van

Motorists in New York and other states across the nation encounter a wide variety of travelers. Whether they are traveling by a personal vehicle, work vehicle, public transportation, bicycle or by foot, motorists should always remain attentive of the commuters they encounter while navigating the roads. Failure to do so could result in a collision that leaves a victim seriously injured or even killed.

According to recent reports, a young child was recently struck by a vehicle in Huntington. Preliminary reports indicated that an 8-year-old girl was struck by a van just after 12 p.m. Authorities reported that the young girl was crossing the road when she was struck by a Ford van that was traveling southbound on New York Avenue.

Snow is coming: What to do after an auto accident

The first snowfall of the season in New York City occurs on average by Dec. 14. Whether the snow stays on the ground or melts, traffic will be messy and accidents will be plenty. What should you do if you find yourself in an accident?

First and foremost, you must stop. You must give aid if a driver, passenger or bystander is injured. You must call police or 911. If you leave the scene before police arrive, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

Teen drivers more prone to accidents than other age groups

Getting behind the wheel of a car is a common task. It is so common, that it has become a routine that is often monotonous for some. But the reality is that driving is a unique experience that requires a driver to remain constantly attentive. In fact, taking one's eyes of the other road even for a mere moment could be the cause of a serous and even fatal accident.

According to current statistics, teen drivers, when compared to other age groups, are three times more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than those 20 years of age or older. Additionally, 1 in 4 teen teens will be involved in a collision during the first year they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. This amounts to around 963,000 motor vehicle accidents involving teens every year. Also, close to 3,000 teen s are killed in fatal crashes.

Helping you explore your rights following a car crash

Individuals in New York and elsewhere tend to rely on motor vehicles to get around; however, driving a personal vehicle often means traveling on busy roads filled with motorists in a rush to get to their final destination. And because life these days can get very busy, many motorists decide to multi-task while behind the wheel. For some drivers, it is minor or even harmless to take a phone call, send a text or check e-mails; however, the reality is that this is a dangerous activity that frequently results in serious automobile collisions.

Whether it is a fender bender, intersection collision, head-on crash or any other type of car crash, the aftermath of a collision can seriously impact the life of a crash victim. Car accident injuries can range from minor scratches and bruises to severe injuries to the head, neck and back. Because of this, it is vital to determine any an all injuries and losses suffered in a crash, as it is possible to hold a negligent driver accountable if they caused the crash.

What conditions make a slip-and-fall accident likely?

We all have to leave the house and head somewhere at some point. Whether that means going to work, school, the store, a friend's place or any other public or private location, individuals likely do not think about the potential dangers and risks that await them when they enter another person's property. Nonetheless, the reality is that there can be unsuspecting dangers. There could be a spill on the floor, torn carpet, poorly lit areas or a broken step, railing or sidewalk. Any of these hazards could cause a slip, trip and fall.

A fall injury can cause some serious injuries. It many not seem like an accident that involves much force or impact; however, depending on how a person falls, injuries could occur to the limbs, back, neck head and internal organs. Thus, severe injuries could accompany minor bumps and bruises from a fall.

Helping you through a premises liability action after injury

New York is a large city that has many offerings. Whether it is an apartment building, restaurant, department store, office building or an attraction, residents and visitors of the city are constantly going in and out of public and private buildings. While many do not consider this to be a huge deal, the reality is that when a visitor enters the property of another, they are relying on that property owner to make sure their property is safe. Failing to do so could result in a wide range of accidents.

With regards to premises liability, this legal action could arise in a variety of situations. For example, a ceiling tile may fall and hit some, a stairwell is disrepair caused a fall, a broken elevator or escalator caused a fall or injury, a slipper surface caused a fall, broken or improper hand railing, hazards on the floor, broken sidewalks, falling objects, inadequate lighting, parking lot hazards and poor shoveling in winter could all cause a slip and fall accident.

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