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May 2014 Archives

Report indicates New York workers' safety is often tenuous

It might be hard to fathom just how many workers in New York are injured on the job. For someone who hasn't ever been hurt on the job, it might seem like these sorts of incidents might be few and far between. However, there are thousands of on-the-job injuries every year, and these have a big impact on our state's economy.

Accident that killed 5 teenagers might have been drag racing

Parents expend a lot of time and energy worrying when they have kids who are old enough to drive. Despite all the safety classes and preparation that is undertaken, giving kids the freedom of a driver's license can still be a cause for concern among many people. This is borne out by the high accident rate among teenage drivers.

Memorial ride held for bicyclist killed in car-bike accident

One of the biggest problems that bicycle riders have on New York roads is being seen. Even when traffic isn't heavy, many motorists aren't necessarily thinking about coming across a bicycle rider -- meaning getting into a bicycle accident is always within the realm of possibility. And when this does happen, the bicyclist usually gets the worst of it. Even a helmet and other protective gear might not be enough to prevent serious injury or even death in a bad motor vehicle accident.

New law would increase punishment for work-zone accidents

New York construction workers often find themselves in vulnerable positions. Not only are they often in harm's way when working on tall buildings, but road construction workers are often injured during the course of their duties, sometimes necessitating workers' compensation claims.

Driver whose cab severed tourist's foot is back behind the wheel

Many of our New York readers will remember an incident from last year that garnered national attention. A woman visiting New York from Great Britain was the victim in an accident involving a taxi. The cab driver said that he had to swerve to get out of the way of a bicyclist and could not stop from hitting the woman, who lost her foot in the car accident. She later had to have more of the leg amputated. Many expected that to be the end of the cab driver's professional driving career.

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