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June 2014 Archives

Multiple injuries and building damage in truck crash

Several people were hurt in a New York accident when a recycling truck crashed through a Brooklyn eatery on June 20. The accident happened at about 2:10 a.m. at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Dekalb Avenue. The Department of Buildings is in the process of determining if the building is safe to reopen.

Forklift accident leads to death of Brooklyn supermarket worker

While we may not think about it, almost any workplace could be the site of a devastating accident involving employees. Even a seemingly safe place like a supermarket could be the site of a fatal accident, as was the case in Brooklyn last week.

Teenager convicted of manslaughter for 2012 car accident deaths

When New Yorkers read about people who have been injured in a car accident, and read that someone has been convicted of criminal charges in relation to the deaths, it is logical to assume that the person who was charged and convicted was the driver of a vehicle that crashed into the one containing the victims. This is frequently the case in an auto accident case, but it is not the only scenario.

As if New York City bicyclists don't have enough to worry about

Bicycle riders in New York are often maligned by pedestrians and drivers alike. Of course, if they are following the rules of traffic -- and even if they aren't -- bicyclists need to be afforded enough room so that they can maneuver safely. Many bicycle accidents are caused by drivers who don't leave bicyclists ample space, often because they do not see them.

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