GlobalFoundries has resumed construction of its New York manufacturing plant as of July 1. Work had been halted since June 26, when a 54-year-old subcontractor died in a construction accident at the facility. The man was an employee of John Danforth Construction and had been working with five other men to install an industrial air exchanger when he suffered fatal injuries.

The Malta manufacturing plant produces computer chips, and operations were not impacted by the subcontractor’s death. However, construction operations were suspended to allow for an accident investigation. Around 3,000 construction workers are usually on site daily. The incident occurred on the fourth floor of the $8.5 billion project that began in 2009. The project is one of the biggest in New York.

GlobalFoundries’ project includes an expansion of the factory by 90,000 square feet as well as construction of a new Technology Development Center. Research and development for the company is set to take place in the planned 560,000-square-foot center. GlobalFoundries is the world’s second biggest manufacturer of computer chips and employs around 2,400 workers in its New York factory. A company representative referenced in a news release the need for safety following the fatal accident. He also stated that GlobalFoundries had created both short- and long-term plans for renewed construction.

Companies are responsible for keeping their workers safe. Employees who suffer injuries on the job should be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Construction accidents are addressed differently than other workplace accidents, and a construction worker who suffers injuries may be entitled to both workers’ compensation and injury compensation. If a construction worker dies in a workplace accident, his or her family would be able to seek death benefits.

Source: Albany Business Review, “Construction at GlobalFoundries plant resumes after death of subcontractor“, Keshia Clukey, July 01, 2014