A man working on the Second Avenue subway construction project suffered a leg injury on Aug. 20. The worker was reportedly hurt by falling equipment while he was 100 feet down in a tunnel at the site on the Upper East Side.

The construction accident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. when the worker was cleaning equipment and was struck by an errant piece. Members of the fire department and EMS personnel traveled to the injured worker to stabilize him and prepare him for extraction from the tunnel. A crane from the construction site was brought above ground to lift the man, and a representative from the fire department said they had go through unsteady terrain and scaffolding to secure the man.

The extent of the worker’s injuries is unknown, but he is reportedly in stable condition. He went to Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center for treatment.

Workers have the right to a safe environment and can file a workers’ compensation claim when injuries occur on the job. Unfortunately, some workers have trouble receiving compensation for medical expenses or lost wages. Those who find their benefits cut or claims denied may want to speak to an attorney to learn about their options.

When construction site accidents or other work related injuries occur, a victim may choose to file a personal injury claim. A worker who was hurt on the job due to the negligence of an employer might be in a better position with this suit than by applying for workers’ compensation. Personal injury and workers’ compensation matters have different rules, and one might be able to receive a more appropriate settlement or ruling with the former. Those injured because of negligence may want to look into this before accepting an offer from a company’s insurance provider.

Source: WABC-TV, “Upper East Side Construction Accident Leaves Worker Injured“, August 20, 2014