According to New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a construction worker died early in the morning of August 5. This accident happened close to the base of the Throgs Neck Bridge, near the Bronx side of the bridge where an administration building is located.

The MTA reported that the construction crew was working outside of the administration building. A cabinet that was full of electrical equipment was being moved at the time of the construction accident. Two workers were moving the cabinet when it fell off the pallet from which it was being unloaded.

A spokesperson for MTA stated that the victim was killed when the cabinet fell, but the news source did not specify whether or not the decedent was one of the workers moving the cabinet. No other workers were injured in the accident.

After a fatal construction accident, an immediate family member of the decedent may decide to contact an attorney about filing a wrongful death suit. Unsafe working conditions sometimes contribute to such accidents, and victims’ surviving family members could possibly win compensation via such litigation.

If an attorney for the plaintiff of a wrongful death suit discovered evidence of a failure to regard employees’ safety after a workplace accident, he or she would seek to prove to the case’s jury that necessary safety precautions were not taken and that that failure led to the victim’s death. In supporting that assertion, a lawyer could possibly point toward safety equipment that was not present or used improperly. Another potential cause of a workplace accident could be that the equipment that caused the accident was defective.

Source: NY1, “Worker Killed in Construction Accident Near Throgs Neck Bridge”, August 05, 2014