A car accident on New York’s Route 25 in Granville killed two unidentified drivers, both of whom were driving vehicles with Vermont license plates. The vehicles involved were a Dodge Intrepid and a Chevrolet Camaro.

A witness who was driving in the same direction as the Intrepid provided police with her account of what happened. On the morning of Friday, Aug. 15, at about 5:15 a.m., the witness said the Intrepid passed her in a no-passing zone as the two vehicles were traveling up a hill. While executing the pass, the Intrepid moved across solid yellow lines and into a lane of oncoming traffic. As the Intrepid crested the hill, it crashed head-on into an oncoming Camaro.

The Camaro spun around and came to rest in the same lane while the Intrepid came to a stop on the other side of the roadway. When police arrived at the scene of the accident, the vehicles were on fire. Officers said that the drivers were deceased when they were pulled out of their vehicles. While autopsies were conducted on the drivers, the results of the operations were not made public. As of the day after the accident, police had not released the identities of the victims.

When a person is killed due to another driver’s negligence, the victim’s family could pursue a wrongful death lawsuit that seeks compensation. In some instances, financial situations make it nearly impossible for the family of a person who has been killed to pay bills associated with the death. If the individual who apparently caused the crash dies, litigation may be pursued against the defendant’s estate. A lawyer who is familiar with personal injury cases could help a family seek a settlement or litigate for awards in court.

Source: Rutland Herald , “Two killed in Granville, N.Y., crash”, Brent Curtis , August 16, 2014