A woman in New York was seriously injured after she was involved in a car accident with a cab on Sept. 2. The incident happened at approximately 12:40 p.m. at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street. According to police, a Lincoln town car traveling southbound on Court Street and collided with a flatbed vehicle while turning west on Atlantic Avenue. After it hit the truck, the Lincoln reported veered onto the sidewalk and struck a 29-year-old female pedestrian.

Both drivers remained on the scene until local authorities arrived. NYPD officers issued the trucker motor carrier citations and one for making an improper turn, but the cab driver was not ticketed. The pedestrian injured in the accident was brought to Lutheran Hospital to receive medical treatment for her injuries.

The woman injured in the crash may benefit from filing a personal injury claim against one or both of the drivers who were involved. She may be entitled to seek restitution that can help offset medical costs or loss of income as well as other economic or noneconomic damages caused by the incident. In order to obtain compensation through the court system, she may be required to prove that at least one of the drivers is liable for the damages.

The outcome for a lawsuit involving an auto accident may depend heavily on the plaintiffs’ ability to prove that the injuries suffered resulted from the defendant’s driver negligence. Common examples of driver negligence cited in these types of cases often includes distracted driving, traffic violations, speeding, driving while intoxicated or driving recklessly. Legal counsel may focus on gathering a preponderance of proof by reviewing the police report, witness statements and any analysis conducted by forensic technicians or reconstruction specialists.

Source: DNAInfo New York, “Livery Cab Crushes Woman’s Leg After Jumping Atlantic Ave. Curb, FDNY Says“, Heather Holland and Trevor Kapp , September 02, 2014