Authorities reported that six passengers and the driver of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driving in Red Hook, Brooklyn, were injured in a collision on Oct. 22 at 5:50 p.m. According to witness reports, a black Toyota Camry ran a stop sign, colliding with the front of the bus.

The Camry’s collision with the front end of the bus allegedly then caused the bus to lose control. The bus then reportedly careened off the street, jumped the curb and struck multiple parked cars and two trees before it crashed into a building that houses a manufacturing company.

In addition to the seven people injured on the bus, the Camry’s driver was also injured. Both he and the bus driver suffered serious injuries and were rushed for treatment by medical personnel. Six others were also transported for treatment following the collision. The accident was captured by surveillance video. No one was injured in the building, but authorities are trying to determine if it is still structurally sound as it sustained significant damage in the collision. There is no word on whether alcohol or drugs contributed to the crash.

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Source: CBS New York, “8 Injured When Car Slams Into MTA Bus In Red Hook, Brooklyn“, October 22, 2014