According to a report, a truck crashed into a New York bagel shop, injuring six people on the morning of Oct. 8. Police have not yet filed criminal charges, though the investigation is ongoing.

Witnesses say that a truck was traveling on Queens Boulevard toward 76th Road around 10 a.m. when it sideswiped a parked car. The truck then continued driving until it crashed through the front of a bagel shop. One onlooker says that the truck driver never applied his brakes during the incident. Another says that the driver was traveling slowly, around 5 mph, and then sped up as the truck neared the bagel shop.

Reports indicate that six people inside the bagel shop were injured in the crash, including one child. They were all treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The truck driver stayed at the scene until police arrived, and he was not injured in the crash. Police are investigating the crash site and say that no criminal activity is suspected on the part of the driver. The bagel shop and at least two surrounding buildings were closed temporarily until it was confirmed that there were no issues with gas or electricity.

Even when criminal charges are not filed, a negligent driver may still be civilly liable for injuries suffered by a victim. An attorney may be helpful in assessing the situation and the extent of the injured victim’s damages. If a claim is warranted, it could be filed against the driver responsible for the crash. In some cases, the suit may also be brought against an employer if the driver was operating a company vehicle at the time of the car accident.

Source: CBS New York, “Truck Crashes Into Bagel Shop In Forest Hills, Queens; 6 Injured“, October 08, 2014