An accident at a construction site in New York left one worker with an injury to his hand on Nov. 19. The accident occurred just after 9:50 a.m. at a McDonald’s on Forest Avenue near the intersection of Morningstar Road in Graniteville.

The worker, a man whose identity was not disclosed in reports, fell about 15 feet from the roof of the building. Emergency personnel who responded to the accident said that when they arrived, the man was awake and alert. He suffered an open fracture to his hand. An emergency crew took him to Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton.

Reports indicated that a problem with a scaffolding on the building contributed to the accident, though specific details were omitted. Construction crews have been working at the site since May.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations are often neglected on busy construction sites, which may contribute to the presence of unsafe scaffolding, ladders and other structures. Falls from these structures account for thousands of workplace injuries each year. Many of these incidents involve a descent from one story to another. This type of fall often results in serious injuries that may leave workers with permanent disabilities.

Employees injured on the job are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s coverage. In the case of an injured hand, an employee may lose income if they are unable to complete their job tasks and are forced to take leave from work in order to recover. This often comes with costly medical bills, and benefits received from filing a worker’s compensation claim may assist with these expenses.

Source:, “Man injured in fall from McDonald’s construction building site in Graniteville“, Maura Grunlund, November 19, 2014