A Dec. 28 car accident left one driver dead and a second driver receiving treatment in a local hospital. Prior to the accident, several callers phoned the local police station and reported seeing a vehicle driving east along westbound State Route 17 in Mamakating. New York police investigating the calls later came across an accident involving the vehicle.

The driver of that car, a 24-year-old man, struck another vehicle head-on while driving the wrong direction down the road. The driver of the first vehicle died in the crash, and the driver of the second vehicle was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the time of reporting. Police investigating the scene urged anyone with information on the accident to contact the local department as they were seeking testimony from someone who may have witnessed the actual accident.

The driver operating his motor vehicle on the wrong side of the road might be provided to be responsible for the injuries sustained by the driver who was taken to the hospital. The 24-year-old may have been distracted while driving and ignored the posted road signs.

In the case of an auto accident such as this, the cause of the accident may determine whether the injured driver is eligible to file a civil lawsuit against the deceased driver’s estate. As the at-fault driver passed away, there is no way to get his testimony. An attorney on the case might use the records of the 911 calls received by the police and any other witness’ testimony to show that the responsible party continued driving along the road and posed a safety hazard to other drivers.

Source: Hudson Valley News Network, “Wrong Way Driver Results In Fatal Accident“, Kathy Welsh, December 29, 2014