According to law enforcement officials, a 66-year-old woman died and two other people were injured after an SUV crashed through a Long Island phone store. The accident occurred on March 30 at the AT&T store on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck.

Officers reported that a 65-year-old woman who was attempting to park the SUV lost control of it, instead driving through the store. The victim had been sitting on a couch inside the store while an employee helped another customer. She was pinned beneath the SUV, which continued on into the store and injured two other people.

Witnesses to the accident reportedly managed to lift the vehicle off of the pinned woman enough to slide her out from underneath it. She was transported to a hospital for treatment, but she succumbed to her injuries around two hours after the accident’s occurrence. The 65-year-old driver passed sobriety testing at the scene. Police stated the crash appeared to have been an accident, and they do not expect any criminal charges will be filed. Investigators did impound the driver’s SUV to conduct safety testing on it, however. They have not yet determined what caused the accident to take place.

Even if a negligent driver who causes a fatal car accident is not criminally charged, the decedent’s family may be able to hold the driver responsible through filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Through a lawsuit, families might recover damages designed to compensate them for the damages they have incurred, including reasonable funeral and burial expenses as well as the loss of the expected financial support that the decedent would have otherwise been able to provide.

Source: NBC New York, “1 dead, 2 hurt after SUV crashes through phone store on Long Island: Officials,” Roseanne Colletti , March 31, 2015