Bicycles are prevalent on many roadways in New York City, ridden not only for pleasure but as part of the jobs of delivery persons and other workers. As a result, accidents between riders and motor vehicles often occur, and a cyclist who is involved in such an accident can be seriously injured.

As is the case with personal injury lawsuits in general, an action brought by an injured cyclist against a driver will center on negligence. In many cases, these accidents are caused by the failure of a car driver to see the cyclist due to being distracted at the time. In other cases, the driver has failed to yield the right of way or has failed to stop at a red light. In such an event, negligence may be relatively easy to establish.

However, there are situations where the cyclist may have been a factor in the accident as well, such as by failure to keep in the proper lane or by not observing traffic conditions. In these types of situations, the principle of comparative negligence will apply, and it may result in little or no recovery of damages, depending upon the facts of the case.

Those who are injured in bicycle accidents often face significant consequences due to being vulnerable compared to an occupant in a vehicle. They often have to face significant medical expenses that they are unable to meet, and many are even more adversely affected when they are unable to work and thus lose the wages that they have otherwise would have earned. Victims of these types of accidents may thus wish to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine if remedies for obtaining compensation may be available.