Drivers in New York do not need to be told of the dangers of a car accident and the damage that can result. With that in mind, there are new recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board regarding equipment on new vehicles that will have technology to avoid an auto accident.

This attempt by the NTSB is detailed in a report about its advantages. While the improvements to safety would likely filter down to the consumer by way of greater cost of the vehicles, the agency is arguing that the car companies should not charge extra to make them safer.

The NTSB says that the frequency of rear-end car accidents can be reduced or their aftermath made less serious by the warning systems. These kinds of accidents result in approximately half a million injuries and 1,700 fatalities on an annual basis. An estimated 80 percent of these accidents can be reduced in severity with the new technology. The warning system would tell drivers when a crash is about to occur and could use an automatic braking system.

The NTSB would like automakers to install the systems in all new vehicles. It would also advise that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provide vehicle ratings for how well these systems work. Regardless of the goals for advancing safety, the majority of vehicles do not currently have these safety systems in place. With a car collision, there can be significant medical expenses and long-term problems. Those who have been hurt or lost a loved one need to understand their rights to pursue compensation and may seek legal advice from an attorney experienced in car accident cases.