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August 2015 Archives

Contaminated eyewash causes injury to New York workers

According to an infosheet recently created by OSHA, improperly maintained eyewash stations could lead to worker injuries. Specifically, organisms such as Acanthamoeba, Pseudomonas, and Legionella can grow and expand their presence in dirty water or water that is allowed to stagnate. When they enter the body through the eye, the skin or the nose, they can create an increase in the risk of infection to exposed workers.

Technology to help with fatigued driving

Although DUI and distracted driving receive significant media attention because of their dangers, New York motorists can also face significant risks on the road because of fatigued drivers. In a high-profile situation, well-known comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a 2014 New Jersey accident caused by a semi truck failing to slow in a construction zone. It is difficult to test for fatigue, but this is believed to have been a major factor in this incident as the truck driver had been awake for at least 28 hours prior to the crash.

OSHA revises its amputation guidelines

New York workers may benefit from updates to the OSHA National Emphasis Program on amputations. The document details the new regulations for a list of industries with high rates of amputations. From sawmills to commercial bakeries and meat processing plants, these regulations are geared towards preventing accidents and injuries that result in these high-risk jobs.

Inspection efforts will increase due to mining deaths

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration is increasing inspections after three miners were killed in one day in workplace accidents in three separate states. In one of the incidents, a Virginia worker was killed when a quarry collapsed, burying him in sand and dust. The agency plans to focus its inspection on violations frequently associated with mining deaths. This could mean stricter regulation enforcement at mining sites in New York and around the country.

Few railroads expected to meet safety installation deadline

According to a Federal Railroad Administration report released on Aug. 7, only three rail companies are expected to meet the deadline to install positive train control safety technology. Residents of New York and other states across the country who use the rails for commuting might be surprised to learn that the deadline is the end of the year.

Personal safety devices can help protect lone workers

Employees in New York who often work alone may lack the layer of protection extended by the vigilance of co-workers. With no one to watch out for them or call for emergency aid in the event of a severe injury, lone workers often face an extra level of risk.

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