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September 2015 Archives

National Farm Safety Week aims to save lives

Each day, agricultural workers in New York and across the U.S. face danger as they earn their livelihoods. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the farming industry suffers a fatality rate of 23.2 deaths per 100,000 workers. In 2013, 500 farmers lost their lives on the job.

Long shifts place EMS workers at risk of injury

New York Emergency Services workers are 60 percent more likely to experience injury and illness if they work extended shifts, according to one study. The longer the shift, the more the risk increases with extended shifts starting at 12 hours. Careers in emergency services require physical strength and the ability to move patients, and workers need to remain calm in often chaotic emergency care environments.

Protecting New York workers from falls

Although a fall at a job site could lead to serious injury, employers are not on the same page when it comes to how to implement such a system. In fact, some have said that work does not stop even if there is no fall safety system on site. According to those who study the issue, such a statement is interpreted to mean that fall safety may not always be a top priority.

Accidents once blamed on negligence now connected to recalls

New York residents may be aware that millions of vehicles have been recalled recently by both domestic and foreign car makers. The recalls were ordered after safety defects including faulty ignition switches and dangerous airbags were connected with a number of fatal accidents, and experts now say that these issues may also be to blame for crashes originally thought to have been caused by negligent driving.

Delayed injuries after a crash

New York residents may benefit from learning more about the delayed symptoms that can occur from injuries sustained in car crashes. Auto accidents cause emotional, mental and physical trauma, but the symptoms often manifest at different stages. The damage from physical injuries may not be apparent to the accident victim until several days after the incident. Whiplash injuries typically receive conservative care during the first six weeks, and then may require medical intervention if the pain continues thereafter.

Construction accident injury types

Many New Yorkers are employed in the construction industry, and thus they have a good idea about the dangers posed by such work. Of all of the possible workplace injury accidents that can occur, there are several that are more common. Being vigilant about these types of incidents can help workers to lessen the likelihood that they will be involved in one.

Fogged lenses may cause injuries at work

Almost any resident of New York who has had to use goggles for any extended period of time, whether because of weather or occupation, knows how quickly they can fog up from perspiration and condensation. This common problem is unfortunately the cause of a substantial number of occupational injuries.

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