Many New Yorkers are employed in the construction industry, and thus they have a good idea about the dangers posed by such work. Of all of the possible workplace injury accidents that can occur, there are several that are more common. Being vigilant about these types of incidents can help workers to lessen the likelihood that they will be involved in one.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.3 million nonfatal injuries were reported in 2009 alone. In 9 percent of the cases, the worker who suffered the injury worked in the construction industry sector.

Common accidents include falls, being struck by falling objects, machine and tool accidents, being backed over or crushed by heavy equipment, explosions or fires and building or trench collapses. Other common injuries that occur are repetitive motion injuries, heat exposure injuries, lead exposure illnesses and respiratory diseases. It is vital that construction workers always use their provided safety gear and equipment, such as hardhats and scaffolding. Employers should make certain that all employees are regularly trained in safety practices while on the job, and they should make certain that their employees have the safety equipment that they need.

A construction site accident is unfortunately one of the more common types of workplace accidents that happen. These accidents may be catastrophic, leaving the worker permanently disabled. A construction worker who is injured in a construction accident may want to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney prior to filing a claim for benefits. In some cases where the accident is due to the negligence of a non-employer third party, it may be possible to pursue a separate personal injury lawsuit along with the claim for workers’ compensation benefits.