Almost any resident of New York who has had to use goggles for any extended period of time, whether because of weather or occupation, knows how quickly they can fog up from perspiration and condensation. This common problem is unfortunately the cause of a substantial number of occupational injuries.

Employees find themselves in situations where they perspire while wearing goggles, possibly in changing climactic conditions, and the propensity of these goggles to fog up and obscure vision can occur at the worst possible times. There are nearly 2,000 eye injuries at work in a typical year. This relates to fogged lenses in two ways.

The first is that fogged goggles can obscure vision, severely hampering the employee’s ability to avoid injury in many circumstances. The second is that the fogging may require the employees to remove their goggles in order to perform their tasks accurately, thereby rendering their eyes vulnerable to the exact injuries that the goggles were meant to prevent.

Employees who suffer an injury while at work may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefitsunder New York law. If there is an interruption in these payments, if the employer denies that the injury came from work, or if the amount of the payments is insufficient for the level of injury suffered, then it may be beneficial to contact an attorney and discuss other methods to seek compensation. Although it may be necessary to refuse the offered compensation, file a civil suit and go to court, an attorney might be able to assist with negotiations and legal maneuvers that could achieve the desired result without the expense and time of a trial.

Source: OH&S Online, “Clear the Fog to Decrease Eye Injuries”, Rex Talbott, Aug. 1, 2015