Although many people are aware that Google has a number of self-driving cars being tested on the roads in California, automotive manufacturers all over the world are getting on the autonomous vehicle bandwagon. Volvo’s Drive Me project is expected to begin in 2017, and it will give 100 people access to the company’s self-driving vehicles to take on the roads in Sweden.

Aside from the fact that the idea of an autonomous vehicle is futuristic, the popularity of self-driven cars is also due to the increased road safety that is associated with them. It has been estimated that just 6 percent of automotive accidents are not due to driver error, meaning that the majority of crashes could theoretically be avoided with autonomous vehicles on the road.

While it is believed that autonomous vehicles could eliminate most accidents, there are still a small number that are determined to be unavoidable. In these situations, the liability for the accident is unclear since a person would not technically be to blame. Several automakers, including Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, have stated that they are willing to take responsibility for these crashes.

When people have been in a car accident, whoever was at fault, they are likely to end up facing a number of expenses. These almost always include vehicle repairs and car rental costs, but if someone is hurt, they will probably also have to foot medical bills. people who are severely injured may also have to take time off work to recover, resulting in lost wages. If the accident was determined to have been caused by another negligent driver, a personal injury attorney can be of assistance to the victim in seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.