Although safety showers and eye baths have become common on industrial sites in New York and around the country, they are rarely used. Therefore, they may not comply with OSHA standards, and they may not be monitored or alarmed. Not monitoring a safety station makes it impossible to determine if it is in good condition or compliant with federal regulation. Furthermore, failure to have an alarm system could create a situation where an employee doesn’t get the help that is needed in an emergency situation.

If an employee is hurt and unable to get the help that he or she needs, it could create a liability issue for the employer. However, most plant operators and employers do not deliberately ignore safety issues on an industrial site. Instead, upgrades are made difficult because they cost a lot of money to perform when dealing with outdated equipment.

One solution to the problem is to install a wireless alarm system. This eliminates the need to upgrade wires or other systems related to a site’s wiring. Furthermore, these systems are generally easy enough to install without the need to hire a professional, and batteries can be purchased over the counter. Those batteries will last for at least a year, which means a plant operator can worry about other systems or more critical tasks on a job site.

People who have been injured in a workplace accident may be eligible to file a claim for benefits under their employer’s workers compensation insurance policy. These benefits can provide for a portion of any wages lost, and they can also include the provision of medical care and treatment. Many injured workers obtain the assistance of an attorney in the preparation and submission of their claims.