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December 2015 Archives

Rule could reduce silica exposure for workers

New York workers who are employed in the stone cutting or rock drilling industries should be aware that the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration will reportedly be finalizing a new rule in February 2016 that would reduce the amount of exposure workers could have to silica dust. Workers who are exposed to this harmful material are at risk for silicosis, a serious and incurable lung disease that could be deadly.

Chemical hazards in healthcare workplaces

While New York healthcare workers are most likely aware of the dangers posed by bloodborne pathogens in their workplaces, they may also need to think about the hazards posed by cleaning chemicals used there. Some industrial cleaners used to sterilize labs and equipment may also sicken workers who are exposed to them. Additionally, chemicals contained in equipment and some medications may also be hazardous to workers.

Self-driving cars show how driving properly can be dangerous

New York residents are likely aware that companies such as Google and Tesla have been lauding the benefits of their autonomous driving technology. Proponents of the technology say that the widespread use of self-driving cars is inevitable and human drivers will be as rare on the roads of tomorrow as horses are on the streets of major cities today, but recent crash statistics have undermined this kind of thinking.

Reducing workplace accidents in the winter months

Winter weather conditions can be harsh in New York, and this can make life difficult for those who work outdoors or are required to contend with bustling crowds of holiday shoppers. Traditional advice for those who must venture out in freezing conditions is to bundle up well and wear several layers of clothing, but employers may wish to go further if they hope to avoid workplace injuries during the winter months.

Protecting workers from accidents on the job

Some New York work settings can be more prone to accidents because of the nature of the type of service provided or job performed. However, employers are responsible for maintaining a safe environment that protects both employees and patrons. It is important to understand common types of accidents and the factors that can cause them in order to better plan for a proactive safety protocol in the workplace. Some of the most common types of work-related accidents across the nation are slips, trips and falls.

Welders face numerous hazards at New York job sites

Welding confronts workers with many injury risks and the possibility of sparking fires in nearby materials. Supervisors need to assess hazards at each work site and take appropriate measures to protect workers. The following examples illustrate some hazards that caused injuries.

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