Riding a bicycle on busy roadways can be dangerous, especially when unexpected cars suddenly appear. However, bicyclists in New York who are aware of these dangers and who take several safety precautions may be able to avoid life-threatening collisions with vehicles.

In the first place, it is important for bicyclists to realize that vehicles exiting out of parking lots, intersections, driveways or side streets from the right may not be able to see them, especially during the night. As a result, the vehicle slams into the bicyclist or the bicyclist smashes into the car’s side.

One way to avoid this scenario is for bicyclists to ride a bit more to the left of the roadway. While this may present the possibility of a car colliding into the bicycle from behind, statistics show that this is less likely to happen compared to a right-side collision. In fact, cars coming from behind are more likely to see the bicyclist than cars appearing from cross streets on the right. An exception to this rule would be busy roadways with a small number of cross streets.

In addition, when bicyclists and motorists cannot make eye contact, other safety strategies may be effective such as loud sounds from a bike horn and yelling or waving to get the attention of motorists who may not be paying attention. Bright headlights, which are required by law for bicyclists who travel during the night, can also keep bicyclists safe by alerting motorists of their presence.

Traffic accidents involving bicyclists who lack protection from an impact often result in the bicyclist being severely injured. As a result, the cyclist might want to pursue compensation via a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent motorist filed with the assistance of an attorney. The damages sought by the bike accident victim might include medical expenses and lost wages.

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