New York residents can learn about the most pressing safety improvements needed in regards to automobiles by reading the National Transportation Safety Board’s “Most Wanted” list for 2016. It was announced on Jan. 13 the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, a group that works to create technology to make transportation safer.

One safety issue addressed was motorists who drive while fatigued, as drowsy driving crashes are a growing danger on the road. These accidents may occur when a driver falls asleep for a moment behind the wheel or is too tired to react to traffic conditions, and fatigued driving might be a problem for truck drivers and those who work long hours or night shifts. A fatigued driver can hurt others as well as oneself, but single vehicle wrecks that happen early or late could indicate that a motorist was tired.

Some new topics were added to the list this year, including making collision-avoidance technology more available and improving protection for those occupying vehicles, while other concerns were also on the 2015 list as wewll. The president of the National Safety Council remarked that lists like this are needed to reduce transportation deaths because around 35,000 people die annually in vehicle accidents even though automobiles are smarter and safer than before.

When preventable accidents occur because of things like substance impairment or distracted driving, those injured in a crash may want to seek compensation from the negligent driver. For example, one might file a personal injury suit in civil court to recover the cost of medical expenses after a fatigued driver caused a car accident. An attorney can often help a plaintiff show that a wreck like this was the responsibility of the at-fault motorist.