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February 2016 Archives

Study shows value of front crash prevention systems

Some vehicles in New York City are equipped with safety technology systems that can prevent rear-end crashes. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, automatic braking and forward collision warning systems have a significant impact on vehicle safety. Researchers found that automatic braking reduced rear-end accidents by around 40 percent while forward collision warning systems reduced rear-end accidents by 23 percent.

Family needs funds to bury man killed in bike accident

The family of a New York City man struck and killed by an impaired driver on Staten Island is trying to raise money on the Internet for his funeral expenses. The victim's brother said he was the type of person who "would've given you the shirt off his back."

Industries in New York that may lead to hearing difficulties

When people are exposed to loud noises for a long period of time, it may have a negative effect on their hearing. They are likely to develop problems like hearing difficulty and tinnitus. A study conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health that was published in January 2016 found that hearing difficulties are much more likely if workers are exposed to occupational noise.

Federal regulators say self-driving car systems are drivers

Self-driving cars could soon be seen navigating New York City streets, thanks to an important decision by federal safety regulators. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that it would be willing to call the self-driving vehicle system that was designed by Google a "driver". The decision could clear away some of the legal obstacles that have kept autonomous vehicles from being widely used.

How to recognize and treat occupations skin disorders

Many New York City workers suffer job-related skin disorders, such as cracked and painful hands. While many of these people think that this is a normal part of their everyday lives, skin disorders such as cracked and painful hands could be a sign of a serious skin problem.

Volvo promises to create super-safe cars by 2020

By using new and improved technology, Volvo says that by 2020 it will introduce vehicles that will keep its drivers and occupants completely safe from injury and death. This could be good news for New York motorists who have to deal with the daily challenges of rush hour commuting.

Preventing accidents from hazardous energy sources

Many New Yorkers work in companies in which they work near machines and other equipment that use hazardous sources of energy. If the equipment starts up unexpectedly and releases its hazardous energy source, then nearby workers may be severely injured or killed.

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