New York residents might not have heard about the fatal accident that occurred on March 17 in Los Angeles. A construction worker fell off the 53rd floor of a building called the Wilshire Grand Center. The worker was an electrician on his second day of the job, and he fell on the back of a white hatchback at about 12:30 p.m. The man died at the construction site, and the woman driving the car was evaluated at the scene.

The skyscraper is currently 1,100 feet tall with 73 stories, and it will be the tallest of all buildings west of the Mississippi when completed. Approximately 900 people work at the building construction site, and the project has been ongoing for around three years. Investigators do not yet know why the man fell from the building.

Employers can take steps to prevent accidents like this from occurring by providing training and putting an emphasis on safety. Workers with less experience or who are new to a job might need training the most, but workers’ compensation can help employees when injuries or illnesses occur on the job. Generally, a worker could seek benefits for medical expenses and wage replacement regardless of whose fault the accident was.

If a construction worker is killed on the job, then the family can seek death benefits that could help pay for funeral expenses and income the worker would have provided. In some cases, a worker or family members might choose to file a personal injury lawsuit if the negligence of a non-employer third party was the cause, and an attorney can outline the required procedures to follow.