Construction workers in New York City face hazards from every angle – whether working on the ground, in heavy traffic or from high places like roofs, ladders and scaffolding.

Most workers know that they can collect workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. But many do not realize that those benefits are not always sufficient to cover all of their medical expenses, lost wages and other losses. Fortunately, New York Law recognizes this and under the right circumstances, provides other options for injured workers to secure the compensation they need.

Can I sue my employer after a construction accident?

While collecting workers’ compensation benefits prevents you from suing your employer, in New York there are important additional protections offered to certain workers in New York construction, renovation, or demolition. If your injuries occurred as part of a construction, renovation, or demolition project, you may be able to file a suit against the owner of the premises or other responsible contrators for additional compensation. That can make a big difference when you are struggling with medical bills and lost income.

Moreover, if a construction worker is injured as the result of a defective or dangerous tool or other job site device, they may have the ability to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer and/or sellers of those dangerous items in addition to a limited workers’ compensation claim. 

Why is it important?

In addition to helping you pursue adequate compensation for your injuries, these claims play an important role in keeping other workers safe. When construction companies, property owners, and manufacturers are held accountable, it makes job sites safer for everyone.

As always, we recommend speaking with a qualified attorney if you or someone you love has been injured on a construction, renovation, or demolition site. The laws governing these claims are highly complex, and you need someone on your side with the experience to apply them and the tenacity to see your case through.