In a recent post, we looked at alarming data from the AFL-CIO that showed increasing rates of workplace fatalities in the United States. Even with ongoing efforts to improve worker safety, more employees continue to die from avoidable workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

Now, just weeks after a falling crane injured three people in Harlem, the de Blasio administration has released a report showing that construction accidents in New York City are on the same trajectory.

With rapid growth comes increased danger

It’s hard to walk a few blocks in New York without encountering a large construction project. This growth continues to fuel and revitalize the city, and construction jobs have increased about 35 percent since 2012. That’s great news for construction workers – except for the ones who are affected by this jump in accidents.

During the same period, construction site accidents have almost tripled. In the 12-month period ending in June 2016, there were 526 construction-related injuries in New York – a 62 percent increase from the previous year.

Trying – and failing – to make construction jobs safer

Mayor de Blasio has come under fire for the city’s ongoing safety failures despite ongoing efforts. Since February, the city has issued more penalties for construction safety violations. The Department of Buildings has also issued a record number of stop-work orders for unsafe job sites.

Until these measures start to make a dent in the bloated accident rate, it is critical that workers are cautious and know their rights. If you have any concerns after a workplace injury, consider speaking with an attorney.