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December 2016 Archives

Affordable housing or safe construction jobs: Can we only choose one?

New York City officials face a dilemma as construction worker deaths continue to rise in the city. According to the city's Buildings Department, there were 10 construction-related deaths over 2015's fiscal year. This is a big jump from the 5.5 average worker fatalities from the past four years. Worse yet, worker injuries skyrocketed up 53 percent this past year. With numbers like these, advocates for worker safety are urging for change.

Promoting safety through sound

For New Yorkers acclimated to the sounds of the urban environment, the plaintive cries of taxi horns and brake squeals are often relegated to the background, categorized as white noise. Visitors of New York City have a hard time tuning out this noise pollution and claim the auditory overload causes headaches and inability to maintain focus. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), however, the revving of an engine and the hum of the motor are sounds that warn pedestrians of an automobile's presence. For those with impaired vision, these audio cues may provide the only hints that a car is in the vicinity. It is for this reason that the agency has established a new safety standard for electronic vehicles and hybrids.

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