Concerts provide high-quality entertainment and inspiration for attendees. While the feelings evoked during an on-stage performance can have a lasting impact on fans, what happens in the crowd can also affect people – sometimes negatively.

When thousands of people pack a venue, crowd conditions can change instantly. In August 2016, a crowd barrier collapsed at a hip hop concert in Camden, N.J. and injured 42 people in attendance. When the artists on stage encouraged the audience to get closer, fans at the front of the crowd seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience soon found themselves seeking medical attention.

When large-scale injuries like this happen, who is held responsible for the accident? When people attend shows, they have a reasonable expectation that they will not be injured. This sentiment is known as premises liability. After the accident in Camden, the venue’s operator, structural engineers and city inspectors worked to secure the barrier.

Although the venue’s diligence following the accident prevented future incidents, premises liability allowed those injured during the barrier collapse to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages.

What if I’m hurt at an event?

If you are injured at a concert, it may be difficult to gather information such as witnesses and venue information immediately. However, a trusted friend or loved one may be able to do this for you. As soon as you can, write down your recollection. How did it happen? Who witnessed the incident? How were you treated at the venue?

These facts will be relevant if you decide to seek personal injury compensation from the venue under premises liability. To back up your case, you can rely on cell phone video shot at the event, some of which could be readily available via social media.

Next, estimate your damages including medical bills and lost wage earnings. Having a dollar amount in mind can help provide value to your case when consulting with an attorney. Finally, a personal injury attorney can work with you to determine the viability of your case.

Sustaining an injury at a concert isn’t music to anyone’s ears, but a personal injury attorney can provide reprise for your case.