We thought we’d take a break from our usual topics to bring you news about some unusual car accidents that may have escaped making your local news. We don’t report them here to make fun or sport of the accidents, as some of them resulted in serious injuries. We are discussing them as a way of highlighting the fact that a motor vehicle accident can happen in the most uncommon ways, and at the most unexpected times.

Upside-down on the rooftop…

In February, 2013, a man speeding through a residential area of Houston, Texas, was unable to hold the curve. The driver was unable to bring his SUV to a stop as it continued speeding across a field and flipped as it went airborne when it hit a curb. Initially, the vehicle struck one house roof and continued to a nearby adjacent rooftop, where it came to rest. The driver was treated at a nearby hospital and none of the homeowners were injured. However, their rooftops suffered serious damage.

Well, that was convenient…

In another story from Texas — and another crash involving alcohol — an intoxicated driver was speeding through Colleyville when his car swerved and struck a sedan in the adjacent lane. His GMC Yukon left the road, flipped onto its roof and slid through the wall of a local business, which happened to be an auto body repair shop. The driver of the SUV was charged with his second DWI but was uninjured. Local news station MyFoxDFW reported that no workers were injured, but two riders in the sedan had to be treated for minor injuries.

This car accident really did bite…

In August, 2013, a Virginia driver was speeding along a road near Roanoke when he was unable to maintain control and went off the road. Unable to bring his 1997 Toyota Camry to a stop, his car slid up a steep embankment, where it flipped over before sliding back down into the ditch…trapping him in the car on top of a large mound of stinging ants. Paramedics rushed the man to the hospital, where he was reported to be treated for “lacerations, head and back injuries and numerous ant bites.”

We expect the occasional deer crossing, but

And finally, this recent story from Wimauwa, Florida. A zebra had escaped from its owners holding pen and wandered along SR-672. When a driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck naturally slowed down in amazement, the zebra slammed itself into the side panel, breaking the mirror and shattering glass that struck the driver. The zebra bolted across a nearby field, where it was corralled and returned to its owner.

No matter what caused your motor vehicle accident, get legal help

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