On Saturday afternoon, Steven Simpson, of Brooklyn, left his shift as an electrician in a luxury Manhattan high-rise that is under construction. According to his coworkers, he then went back inside the building to retrieve something he had left behind.

At 7:00 the next morning, police responded to a call from one of Simpson’s coworkers. His body had been found between an elevator car and elevator shaft. New York building inspectors have shut down the elevator and are conducting an investigation into this workplace fatality.

When elevators turn deadly

According to NBC New York, Simpson was riding up the elevator when it got stuck. With his coworkers gone for the day, he attempted to pry his way out only to be crushed between the floor and the top of the doorway.

This loss of a devoted husband, father of five and hard worker is a tragedy. Steven Simpson joins dozens of other New York construction workers killed on the job in recent years, a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining and obeying strong safety regulations to protect worker safety.

This fatal accident is still under investigation, so it is still impossible to know whether it was caused by negligence on the part of the construction company or elevator contractor. However, the same building saw another elevator incident recently. A different elevator suddenly dropped six feet with eight workers onboard this spring.

In many construction accident cases, dangerous conditions are caused by negligence and improper maintenance. We hope that the cause of this accident is uncovered soon and the construction industry can make significant gains toward safer work environments.