There are always significant risks on construction sites. Working in construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country, especially in New York, where there are dozens of fatalities every year in the construction industry.

What if better monitoring of construction site safety methods were introduced to make construction sites safer? If this type of technology functioned as promised, it could increase safety, reduce accidents and save lives.

The New Technology Being Introduced

According to a recent article in TechCrunch, Pillar Technologies has raised significant funds to launch a new safety monitoring innovations to be used on construction sites. The idea is to monitor construction sites to determine where the risks are and thus minimize accidents and injuries. According to the article, “General contractors and insurers are using Pillar data management to monitor sites and predict when failures might occur. The technology is also something of an early warning system for things like water leaks, freezes, fire and mold outbreaks.”

If this tech does live up to its promise, it could be a serious help in minimizing the unnecessary accidents and fatalities have that plagued the construction industry in New York in recent years. As our country is rebuilding itself economically after the 2008 real estate crash, the numbers of construction-related injuries and fatalities have increased significantly. Anything that can be done to improve safety on construction sites should be welcomed wholeheartedly.

Whether or not this technology will receive widespread adoption in the construction industry, or whether it will be effective, remains to be seen. However, the important point is that someone is considering construction site safety an important enough concern to do something about it.