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October 2017 Archives

You're an injured temp-to-hire worker. Now what?

There has been a growing concern in OSHA that companies are attempting to employ temporary contract workers to skirts the requirements and obligations under the OSHA Act. This can include using temporary employees in hazardous jobs to reduce the exposure of liability to the employer. OSHA has also been concerned that temporary workers are by definition more vulnerable to lack of training on both health and safety, workplace or health hazards, and are at greater risk for retaliation than their traditional employee counterparts.

When a coworker commits assault

It seemed like a typical day for most of the employees of the ABC Manufacturing company in Indiana, that is except for Buddy.  Buddy was reporting for his second shift at ABC after a fight earlier with his wife had put him on edge.  While approaching the time clock, he was greeted by a first shift worker named Gary who was about to clock out.  Gary received no response from Buddy but brushed his time card on his arm while going to punch out.

How dangerous is driving tired?

Everyone knows how dangerous drunk driving is. The chemicals in the blood stream cause delayed reaction times, limit inhibitions and negatively impact coordination. But few people think about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep before driving.

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