In wake of the Halloween vehicle attack in Lower Manhattan, city officials may step up pedestrian protection.

On October 31, New York City was shaken by a vehicle attack in Lower Manhattan. After the death of eight people on a bike path, city officials are looking for ways to protect vulnerable pedestrians from rogue vehicles.

According to CBS New York, a New York City Council committee unanimously approved a measure aimed at improving pedestrian safety. The bill would mandate yearly reports on where pedestrian bollards, or sidewalk safety barricades, are being installed. Council members hope this information would shed light on where protections are still needed.

Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, a vocal supporter of the bill, wants to see schools and theaters take top priority when considering the installation of additional bollards.

Is the bill enough?

The bill does not require the installation of more bollards or set forth a plan for increasing their presence in the city; rather, it allows for the collection of data to make informed decisions about their use. Some people believe that doesn’t do enough to protect New Yorkers on foot.

One council member wants action in addition to the mandated reports. “Prior to the report there has to be oversight to make sure that this is a work in progress,” said council member James Vacca.