In part one of our series on holiday safety, we focused on how to stay safe while holiday shopping. However, many dangerous situations this time of year occur on the road. With millions of Americans visiting their families or escaping to warmer climates, the roads are packed. Combined with unpredictable winter weather, holiday traffic can be dangerous.

Read on for advice navigating holiday traffic so you can make it over the river and through the woods safely.

  • Clear off the roof of your car – Most people are diligent about scraping their windshields and keeping their wipers clear, but too many of us forget to clear off the tops of our vehicles. Leftover snow can fall onto the windshield or back window, obstructing critical visibility in traffic.
  • Know how to operate your vehicle safely in cold weather -Many people find that it takes some practice to get used to driving in snowy conditions again. It is wise to keep up with auto maintenance, leave plenty of following distance and plan ahead for inclement weather.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time – Trying to get to your destination in a hurry can leave you stressed, distracted and more prone to dangerous driving behaviors. Give yourself plenty of time so unexpected snow or traffic won’t have you in a panic.
  • Resist the urge to decorate your vehicle – Adding some holiday lights to your ride may seem festive and fun, but it’s actually dangerous. It could even get you a ticket. Unauthorized lights, as well as any decorations that obstruct your mirrors or license plates are against the law in New York.
  • Plan a safe ride home – If your to-do list includes indulging in some holiday spirits at a party, designate a sober driver or plan to take a cab home. Tipsy driving isn’t just illegal; it’s dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.