When most people think about workers’ compensation benefits, they tend to imagine money paid out to construction workers, factory workers and manufacturing employees for injuries caused by workplace dangers. While work comp benefits help all of these workers, we should not ignore the plight of over-the-road truck drivers.

In today’s economy, there are more trucks on the road shipping goods from one city to another. This means that many more truckers are working. And when an accident involves a semi-truck, we must not lose sight of the possibility that a truck driver is also worker who is injured and may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

This is important considering that one out of every six Americans killed while on the job is a truck driver. This statistic comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the U.S. Department of Labor. In fact, in 2014, more than 750 truck drivers were killed while working. Indeed, many of the truckers who lost their lives did so in crashes, and that year marked the fifth year in a row that the number of deceased truck drivers increased.

Moreover, truck drivers have the highest number of non-fatal injuries that require time off from work compared to other occupations (including construction and manufacturing). Collectively, injured truckers take more than 55,000 days off each year to recuperate from various injuries.

With that, injured truckers should be aware of their rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Such benefits are vital in the event one cannot work due to injury.