When a worker is injured on the job in Manhattan, or elsewhere in New York City, they generally must rely on the labyrinthine workers’ compensation system to recover for their injuries, lost wages and medical expenses. Workers’ compensation can be complicated – and possibly deliberately so. When you file a claim for workers’ compensation, you are for all intents and purposes filing a claim with an insurance carrier. As you know, an insurance carrier will do whatever it can to protect its bottom line.

Employers are required to buy workers’s compensation insurance to protect workers against financial loss from work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation, in theory, is supposed to cover medical expenses and compensate for wages or earning capacity that is lost due to the injury. At the same time, workers’ comp insurance protects employers from greater liability for work injuries that occur at their places of business.

A workers’ comp carrier, on the other hand, may be largely interested in limiting its own exposure to financial loss by limiting the amount it will pay out on claims. In doing so, the carrier may try and deny coverage for some of your medical bills or understate how severe or permanent your injury may be. The workers’ compensation carrier will have lawyers representing the company; why shouldn’t you have an attorney stand up for your rights?

Marder Eskesen and Nass is a firm with years of experience standing up for workers who have been injured in NYC. Such experience means that we know how to navigate and work within the workers’ compensation system to ensure that you receive the medical care and financial compensation that you are entitled to. Visit our website’s dedicated workers’ compensation page to see how we’ve assisted other injured and to learn how we can help you.