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May 2018 Archives

Keeping yourself safe in a high-stress restaurant job

Working in a restaurant setting is a wild ride, and most people in the industry would agree that everyone should experience it to gain empathy. Along with the other standard skills acquired in a job, working in the restaurant industry teaches you to multitask, deal with gnarly customers and be a strong teammate. Once you have worked in this scene, you will never think about it in the same way.

New York keyless vehicle owners risk CO poisoning

People are generally aware that there are some risks inherent to the ownership and operation of vehicles. Such risks, typically, come in the form of motor vehicle accidents. However, as the New York Times recently detailed, there is another silent - but just as deadly - risk faced by owners of vehicles equipped with keyless ignitions: Carbon monoxide poisoning. Since 2006, dozens of cases - including fatalities - have been reported.

New York motorists challenged by unsafe drivers on two sides

According to EverQuote, an online marketplace for auto insurance companies, two of New York's neighboring states are home to some of the worst drivers in the United States. A report recently released by the company found that the nation's least safe drivers ply the roads and highways of Connecticut. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania motorists were ranked third from the bottom when assessed against a handful of unsafe driving habits.

Sleepiness attributable to more accidents than reported

The kickoff to the summer driving season is coming this weekend. By Friday, millions of Americans will travel to a holiday destination. This year’s holiday is poised to be one of the busiest travel weekends in recent history as the American Automobile Association predicts than 30 million people will take to highways this coming weekend, and the highest gas prices in four years is not likely to change this.

Construction industry leads for number of workplace deaths

Over the course of 2016, which is the most recent year for which workplace fatality data was available, 5,190 workers died while on the job in the United States. Of these, 991 deaths occurred in the construction. Among these deaths, more than quarter (270) of the workers who died as a result of construction accidents were born outside the United States. New York had the fourth highest number of foreign-born worker fatalities (62) in 2016, behind Texas, California and Florida.

New York City passersby face risks from construction sites

In the city that never sleeps, construction is a constant. According to analysis from the Wall Street Journal, one passerby is injured every month by a New York City construction site. Usually these injuries occur from falling debris. The city has enacted tougher regulations, like requiring more wind-resistant construction fences and on-site certified safety managers. Still, New York City residents continue to be injured.

Workers' compensation compared to SSDI

When a worker is injured doing his her job in New York, he or she typically must seek recourse through the state's workers' compensation system. In cases where a worker has sustained an injury or contracted a serious illness that can prevent them from returning to work for a long period of time or reduces their ability to perform the tasks that their job requires, they may also be eligible for benefits through the federal Social Security Disability Insurance program.

New York Times: Self-driving cars on the way, in spite of deaths

The potential dangers of semi-autonomous and self-driving vehicles was recently illustrated by a pair of fatal crashes. Two separate, highly-publicized motor vehicle accidents involving the technology killed a pedestrian and a motorist in March. In the wake of the fatalities, many states, along with voluntary cooperation from at least one of the companies involved, halted all testing of self-driving vehicles.

New York company lands on "Dirty Dozen" list

The week leading up to May 1, April 23 through April 30 was Workers' Memorial Week, during which workers who suffered injuries, developed an illness or were killed on the job are remembered. Many industries are infamous for being dangerous, such as construction, manufacturing and even health care. These industries account for a disproportionate number of injuries and workers' compensation claims than other types of workplaces.

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