Working in a restaurant setting is a wild ride, and most people in the industry would agree that everyone should experience it to gain empathy. Along with the other standard skills acquired in a job, working in the restaurant industry teaches you to multitask, deal with gnarly customers and be a strong teammate. Once you have worked in this scene, you will never think about it in the same way.

Despite what your parents may think, the restaurant industry isn’t at all like landing softly into a Bob Ross painting. There is a fairly high failure rate, especially if it’s a smaller start up. As stressful as that is, you also have a mob of customers with high standards who are quick to write a review tied their experience. Additionally, there are countless workplace hazards that other industries don’t have to deal with.

Here are 5 common causes of restaurant industry accidents:

  1. Hot grease burns
  2. Slippery floors
  3. Cuts
  4. Strains and sprains
  5. Inhaling dangerous fumes

When the stakes are high, and you really need the job, it’s only natural to put safety on the back burner. When table 15 has been waiting 30 minutes for their food, there’s a line out the door, and your expeditor is flipping out, who is really going to pull a line cook to the side and declare time for a team lift on a sack of potatoes?

One of the things guaranteed in America is the right to workplace safety. Remember to keep a little perspective and prioritize your health and wellbeing over that of keeping your manager off your back. If your restaurant demands that you risk your health to keep your job, it’s time to either find a new job, or find someone who can right this wrong.