In the city that never sleeps, construction is a constant. According to analysis from the Wall Street Journal, one passerby is injured every month by a New York City construction site. Usually these injuries occur from falling debris. The city has enacted tougher regulations, like requiring more wind-resistant construction fences and on-site certified safety managers. Still, New York City residents continue to be injured.

When a construction worker is injured at a site, he or she can file a workers’ compensation claim. If you are a pedestrian who has been injured by a construction site, you may be wondering how to seek compensation for your medical bills.

Who is responsible?

You may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the construction company, subcontractor or owner. Sometimes, a construction company and a subcontractor may dispute who is responsible for safety at a site. Determining who is responsible for safety could boil down to examining contracts between any opposing parties. The party in charge of safety at the site is who you may want to pursue a claim against.

How do you prove your claim?

To prove your claim, you need to demonstrate the responsible party was supposed to keep the site safe, the party did not perform that duty and not performing that duty caused you harm. The fault or responsibility could be determined from absence of adequate lighting, fencing or lack of proper signage at the construction site.

What kind of damages could you collect?

It is possible for a passerby injured by a construction site to pursue a variety of damages. You may be able to file for damages related to medical bills, loss of wages, pain, suffering and any loss of your ability to pursue a normal life.

In New York City particularly, these cases can be complex. You may consider contacting an attorney with experience in personal injury. He or she can help you build a case, as well as navigate what laws and building and safety codes might apply specifically to your case.