According to EverQuote, an online marketplace for auto insurance companies, two of New York’s neighboring states are home to some of the worst drivers in the United States. A report recently released by the company found that the nation’s least safe drivers ply the roads and highways of Connecticut. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania motorists were ranked third from the bottom when assessed against a handful of unsafe driving habits.

Using data mined from its EverDrive app, EverQuote studied 781 million miles of driving from 2017 and derived five types of unsafe behaviors that lead to driving hazards or motor vehicle accidents. These behaviors – aggressive acceleration, hard braking and turning, driving while using a phone or handheld device and speeding – were tallied as a percentage of driving trips in which they were involved. On a nationwide basis, 38 percent of all 2017 trips involved speeding, the most common of the unsafe behaviors.

Driving while on the phone or using a handheld device was just behind, with drivers engaging in the behavior on 37 percent of trips. Drivers braked suddenly in 23 percent of their trips and accelerated aggressively 14 percent of the time. Hard turns were involved in 11 percent of all trips across the country. In comparison, Connecticut drivers, although they only used their phones 34 percent of the time, were found to speed on 56 percent of all trips that they made.

Pennsylvania motorists used their phones on 37 percent of all trips and were speeding 49 percent of the time. This is consistent with the behavior found among drivers in the Northeast region – they speed more than drivers in other parts of the country. In fact the bottom five states for unsafe driving were all in the Northeast: Rhode Island (49th), Delaware (47th) and Maryland (46th) rounded out the bottom five after New York’s neighbors.