There’s a lot going on in the streets of The Big Apple. Especially in the summer. While construction may be a fact of life year-round in New York, it certainly ramps up in the summer. And with the increased construction, comes the potential for more car accidents.

Road construction can make a busy city complicated. There was already plenty of traffic and honking to pay attention to, but with construction, there are orange cones, people in fluorescent vests and flashing arrows pointing in all the wrong directions.

But how can you stay safe in your car in road construction? Here are a few tips on safe construction zone driving.

Put the phone down

You’ve heard over and over again to put your phone down while you’re driving. There are even fines if you’re caught texting and driving. But how often do you pick it up for “just a second”? Resist the temptation to pick it up every time it beeps, and let it go.

Taking your eyes off the road (yes, even for a moment) increases the chance you’ll be in an accident. Adding construction to the mix makes the chances even greater. When there’s road construction, things on the road can change very quickly. Keeping your eyes on the road and off of your phone will help keep everyone safe.

Stay up to date on current projects

Before you plan your trip through the city, check to see what construction projects you might run into along the way. If you know what to expect you can prepare to navigate the area more safely. You might even be able to navigate around the construction zone to make things even easier and to keep from contributing to the congestion.

Practice patience

The most important thing you can remember when you’re traveling through road construction this summer is to be patient. There are hundreds of other drivers who are frustrated by the detours and delays just like you. There are also hundreds of construction workers who are simply trying to do their jobs.

Plan for delays

Adding extra time for your commute will help you arrive on time and worry-free. Also, giving yourself some extra time to get to your destination will make being patient with your fellow New Yorkers even easier.