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June 2018 Archives

Understanding wrong-way crashes

We all have those oops moments. We do something we did not mean to do and quickly correct ourselves. Maybe we were tired, distracted or overwhelmed with too much on our plate. In some instances, this is very minor and causes little to no harm. However, when individuals make mistakes on the roadway, this can be serious and even deadly.

Is window washing as scary as it looks?

Even the most unflappable New Yorkers can be taken aback by the sight of a window washer dangling from the side of a high-rise building. Suspended by a set of cables and a scaffold that may look rickety, these workers often look vulnerable -- as if a single gust of wind could cause their certain doom.

The 10 most dangerous jobs in the country

Having a job is rather vital in society today. Residents in New York take the time to obtain a job that could help provide a comfortable living. While it is important to meet one's basic needs, individuals often seek to make beyond that so they can enjoy life and save for the future. Because of that, some individuals decide to take on riskier jobs. Because a job is inherently dangerous, sometimes the pay reflects that. However, because there are more risks, there is a possibility of suffering serious workplace injuries if an accident occurs.

Taking action following a slip and fall accident

For one reason or another, we enter the properties of others on a weekly or daily basis. Whether it is a business, restaurant, government building or the home of another, we expect certain things when we enter the premises of others. We are under the impression that the property is safe, not even considering that dangers could be lurking around the corner. Unfortunately, some property owners are negligent, causing visitors on the property to suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Premises liability action for slip-and-fall on a boat

Now that summer is upon us, more and more New York residents find ways to spend their days outdoors. Better yet, they look for ways to get out on the water. Whether it is a day cruise, a ferry or a public or private boat, being on the water is enjoyed by many. While boating is a common activity, many do not consider the risks associated with it. If the owner of a boat, no matter the size, does not ensure the safety of their passengers by ridding it of any risks or dangers, he or she could be liable for any injuries occurring on the boat.

The dangers of distracted driving

Life can get extremely busy. Because of this, we tend to take on more than we can handle. This means finding ways to get everything done in the time available. In order to accomplish this, individuals in New York and elsewhere multi-task. While this is common, it is not always easy or permissible in any and all environments. Take for example a motor vehicle. When a motorist is multi-tasking, he or she is not paying attention to the main task at hand, driving. Thus, the motorist is exposing him or herself to risks, also risking the lives of other travelers on the roadways.

Seeking compensation after a construction accident

We see a lot more of certain things during the spring and summer months. There are more bikers, people at the parks, swimming outdoors and construction. This time of year is prime time for road construction. While this is good because roadways need repair, it is also problematic for some, as it tends to cause traffic and delays. What it also causes is risks to workers. Working in an area where vehicles continually drive by can generate various risks. If a motorist is inattentive or proper steps are not taken to secure a work zone, a construction worker in New York and elsewhere could suffer serious harms in an accident.

New York workplace accidents, fatalities should be preventable

After several years with a workplace fatality rate consistently below the national average, New York's rate of work place fatalities has risen since 2013 from 2.1 deaths per 100,000 workers to 3.1 deaths per 100,000 workers - thirteenth lowest in the nation. This puts the Empire State well ahead of the national workplace fatality rate of 3.6 deaths per 100,000 workers. New York's rate had not been reflected by the national level - where the on-the-job death rate has remained between 3.5 and 4 fatalities per 100,000 workers since 2007 - until 2016 when the rate rose to within .5 deaths per 100,000 workers of the national levels.

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