Now that summer is upon us, more and more New York residents find ways to spend their days outdoors. Better yet, they look for ways to get out on the water. Whether it is a day cruise, a ferry or a public or private boat, being on the water is enjoyed by many. While boating is a common activity, many do not consider the risks associated with it. If the owner of a boat, no matter the size, does not ensure the safety of their passengers by ridding it of any risks or dangers, he or she could be liable for any injuries occurring on the boat.

One of the most dangerous areas on a boat for passengers is on the deck. The most common type of accident occurring on a ship’s deck is a slip and fall incident. A slip can occur at any moment and when a person is doing any type of activity. This is frequently caused by a slippery deck or missing warning signs.

Another serious type of accident that could occur on a boat is a man over board situation. This type of accident is likely to occur because of a slip-and-fall accident. If there isn’t a safety rail or something to prevent a person from falling off, he or she could slip and fall right off of the boat.

Depending on the type of boat and person’s purpose on the boat, he or se could suffer serious injuries on the deck of the boat if an owner has not taken the time to guard against dangers. When a visitor on a boat is injured, it might be possible to file a premises liability claim. This civil action could hold the owner liable while also helping the victim recover compensation for any losses or damages suffered in the incident.