We see a lot more of certain things during the spring and summer months. There are more bikers, people at the parks, swimming outdoors and construction. This time of year is prime time for road construction. While this is good because roadways need repair, it is also problematic for some, as it tends to cause traffic and delays. What it also causes is risks to workers. Working in an area where vehicles continually drive by can generate various risks. If a motorist is inattentive or proper steps are not taken to secure a work zone, a construction worker in New York and elsewhere could suffer serious harms in an accident.

Whether an employee has been working in construction for decades or just started, a construction worker is afforded the right to be safe at a construction site. Employers are required to take certain steps to ensure safety, such as providing training, requiring specific safety equipment and monitoring the work site. However, when a construction site accident occurs, it is possible to seek compensation for the injuries suffered.

At Marder, Eskesen & Nass, our law firm is dedicated to guiding injured construction workers in the Manhattan area through their rights and legal recourses available. Wen construction accidents occur, injured workers might be entitled to injury compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. Our law firm will look at your situation, helping you understand what laws apply and what benefits and compensation you might seek.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s construction accident website. Even a small error on a construction site could cause a serious, life-threatening accident. Those harmed in a construction accident should take the time to become aware of the situation and how best to protect his or her rights.