For one reason or another, we enter the properties of others on a weekly or daily basis. Whether it is a business, restaurant, government building or the home of another, we expect certain things when we enter the premises of others. We are under the impression that the property is safe, not even considering that dangers could be lurking around the corner. Unfortunately, some property owners are negligent, causing visitors on the property to suffer serious injuries in an accident.

Suffering from a slip and fall because of a dangerous condition on another’s property is very unexpected and overwhelming. A fall can cause a wide range of serious injuries. A victim could suffer a broken limb, injuries to the head, neck or back, internal injuries, scratches, bruises and lacerations. At Marder, Eskeen & Nass, Attorneys at Law, our law firm is dedicated to helping victims in the New York area understand their rights and take action following a slip and fall accident.

Our attorneys focus on the details in these matters. We take the time to explore how the incident happened and help our client’s prove that a property owner was negligent. Even if a property owner claims that he or she did not know of the dangerous condition, we can help prove that they should have known about it. Thus, they could have corrected it in time to avoid any injuries or accidents caused by it.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s premises liability website. Whether it is your first time in a place or your hundredth, it is important to note that slip and fall accident could happen anywhere at any time. Thus, it is vital to explore your options and ways to recover damages following such an incident. A premises liability action could help a victim recover compensation for losses suffered.